Party Schedule
Problems we've had over the years:
The dance floor is too small.
We get there and the facility had closed their doors.
A crazy woman from a nearby wedding had our dance shut down.
They made the soda cans smaller then raised the price.
A bottle of water cost four bucks.
There's no water fountain.
They double booked the place, so they cancelled our dance.
They rented us the place, but there's no parking available.

Our solution?
We rented our own dance studio!

8pm Sats 3/07*, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28
*3/07 is our Grand Opening Party
Centre Stage Dance Studio
7399 E Tierra Buena La, Scottsdale
(Click the map button on the right!)
NEW! BYOB dances in Scottsdale!
The entire room is a dance floor.
Plenty of tables and chairs, great layout,
a nice cold water fountain...
IMPORTANT: No drinks will be served, so
bring what you'd like! (Save money by not
having to purchase $4 bottles of water!)
Admission is $10.
Dress to Impress, no jeans or sneakers!

Map to our new dance studio!
Hope to see you there!
Map to our new dance studio!
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