Party Schedule
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Sorry to say,
but we're no
longer holding
any parties.
La Posada was torn down to make multi-million dollar homes.

Coco's sold their banquet hall to a dinner theater company...
and then closed their doors.

The Peoria Pines Country Club was tired of y'all bringing in
your own beverages.

The Sun City Country Club was run by people who _____ed me
(and y'all!) too many times.

The Dobson Ranch Inn didn't like having angry confrontations with
those who snuck in their own beverages.

The Chandler San Marcos wasn't happy when one of my guests
threatened litigation.

The Pointe Tapatio wants each guest to have a minimum of three drinks.

The Doubletree Scottsdale more than doubled their prices... twice.

The Crowne Plaza North Phoenix came under new management...
and they don't want groups like ours there.
Why would that be?
Thanks for coming all these years, through DJ
changes, location issues, and rain that started at
6pm the day of the party...
I'll miss all of you!
My newest company... I'm here to help!
(My new company. Still here to help!)