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At our singles dances every week, we have certain songs that
EVERYONE loves. Below are some of the most requested
songs from our dances, and a way to search for others.
Note: Click the blue song title to head to amazon and hear
a 30 second clip. If you like it, you can then press 'buy'.
Once downloaded to your computer, you can play it
anytime and/or transfer it to any MP3/audio player.
Happy listening!
Slowin' it down...
Twistin' it up...

Disco fun...
Michael Jackson...
Dance tunes...
Click the box to find ANY song.
Same deal: Around a buck for a
song, and you can listen on your
computer, portable device, or both!
Happy listening... and dancing!
Other tunes... (c) 2010 Love Dr Dave All rights reserved

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