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Pets offer unconditional love. They're there for you through thick
or thin. Here you'll find a few books as well as some items for
your best friend. Or, use the search box to find others.

Helpful books...
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Saving Gracie
A newpaper reporter's story of how one dog was saved
from a puppy mill... out of the thousands still there
supplying pet stores and websites with 'premium pets'.
Special limited time offer: Buy this book though this
link, and get free admission at one dance. Present a
copy of your invoice for free admission that evening.
Protect your pet
Pets, dogs especially, love to go for car
rides. Why not make it much safer for
the both of you by strapping your pet in?
This inexpensive harness connects right
to the passenger (or rear) seatbelt.
Let your pet enjoy the view!
Perhaps I spoil my little guy, but I know
he loves to look out the window as we
drive. This keeps him up at window level,
while keeping both him and the car seat
securely strapped in. (c) 2010 Love Dr Dave All rights reserved

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