Company History

1983. Friend Steve and I call in sick to
our day jobs, and exhibit the
Calculated Couples concept to the
public at a local trade show.
We collect names and addresses from
the participants... but have no idea
when we'd be holding our first party!

Here I am, taking information at
another show. We waited until we had
a few hundred names and addresses,
then we rented a place, created a
postcard invitation...

And hosted our
first party. We
had hundreds
of people show
up. So many,
in fact...

The restaurant reached capacity,
and made us post a sign on the
door telling people the "party is
now closed until 10pm".
The reflection you see is
people waiting to get in.

We knew we had a hit.

TV reporters started
showing up, asking what
made us so unique.
On the left I'm being
interviewed at a party.
On the right I'm a guest on
a TV news show.
(Guess I only had one
sport jacket!

After people
saw us on the
news, anyplace
we went we had
singles flock to
our table to hear
more about us.

We were hired to host a singles
weekend in upstate New York.
The crowd of 800 was
but fun!

A local New York
nightclub hired us to
match their patrons.
This event STARTED
at midnight!

We ventured into Manhattan,
and ran a bunch of parties at
some ritzy bar/restaurants.

Wherever we went,
we had hundreds
of singles.

In February 1991, Entrepreneur
Magazine did a feature on us.
Now people all across the country
knew our name. A few months
later, I moved to Arizona, and
Steve and I went our separate

I watched the local market,
checked out advertising, and
started running Phoenix area
parties. Since then, my staff
and I have walked for

Set up

And delivered
food and toys to
needy families.

I've written a
book about the
singles industry.

We've held
parties in

up for

Taught singles
how to hula...

Got them to

And led dozens
of pre-party

Run black-tie
affairs under the
stars at the local

.. and taken over
as producers of
the largest trade
show for singles
in Arizona.

We've watched
our single
party guests

... and met the kids
they brought back to
'meet the people that
matched their
mommy and daddy'.

In 2003 we had our
20th Anniversary
Dance, and had a
few dozen of our
'couples' come
back to visit.

Here's to
another 20

And lots of fun.
Here Steve and I
are meeting two
ladies at one of
our events.

We've been around for a long, long time...

Company History